Committee Members 2019

LesPresident                Lesley Preedy – Affectionately known as “Madame El Presidente”.
This lady stands no nonsense and knows all there is to know about SADS and the stage – our illustrious leader.  My name is Lesley Preedy and I joined the society in 1976. It is my privilege to be the President of SADS. I’ve always been a show off and I just love being on stage. We are lucky to have so many talented people from all walks of life in our group, we don’t have any ‘Divas’ or ‘Lovies’, just good mates who all get along and spend time enjoying what we do together.


Carol Sealey

Chairperson            Carol Sealey – Tries her hand at everything from directing and acting to ticket sales and (with husband John) does a very good barbeque.





GailJoint secretary          Gail Norris – Great at making Props! Since becoming a member of SADS in January 2011, Gail has taken on several acting roles, Director and been Front of House Manager, Prompt and also responsible for Props. She enjoys learning new skills from those who have been in SADS for many years. In particular she likes the set-building and painting days as everyone works together as a team and they always have a good laugh. It can be tiring and hard work but it is always enjoyable and very rewarding.




Joint secretary          Caroline Powell – Choreography, make-up, sound, music, directing, acting, singing and dancing…the list is endless! Caroline always gives 100% to what she does, and she does it all incredibly well!



Roger MinorsTreasurer               Roger Minors – Our most efficient Treasurer. One of our few members who can add up, take away, sign cheques AND balance the books Roger`s first experience of Amdram was when he was press-ganged in to helping back stage for the Opunake Players when he was working in New Zealand in the 1970`s on returning to the UK he became one of the founding members of the Riverside Players and has been in many plays with them over the years. Roger joined SADS in 2001 when they needed someone to take on a part at very short notice and despite all their best efforts have not been able to get rid of him. Roger has been treasurer since 2004.


Martin LettsMartin Letts – Publicity, writes signs, drifts from one job to another, helps with scenery and does some scriptwriting. Sings, dances and acts-sometimes makes tea. Hello, I’m Martin Letts and I’ve been in SADS since 1983 (heavens, is it that long?). During this time I’ve been Rumplestiltskin, Toad, Noel Coward, a butterfly, a carrot, had my head chopped off, been on honeymoon, written sketches & pantomimes and built scenery. It’s tremendous fun. People are welcoming and a great cure if you are feeling low. We all like to work together to produce a successful, quality show for our audience.


Nicki CresswellNicki Cresswell – Child Protection Officer. Props & scenery. Writes humorous scripts, sings and acts to name just a few of her talents and makes exceedingly good cakes!




Andrew FostAndrew Fost – “Sparks” the electrician. Quietly efficient in sound, lighting and anything with sparks. Very technical person who assists with pyrotechnics, ringing telephones and other sound effects.




Mike Rich – Health and Safety. Ensures that we maintain safe standards during rehearsals and performances. If you need a high-viz jacket or a torch he’s your man!




Danny Jeffs – Acts, sings, plays guitar, good at scenery painting, enthusiastic and has lots of ideas.