Kath Reed


It is with great sadness that I have to tell you of the death of Kath Reed one of SADS founder members.

She died peacefully in the early hours of Friday 5th February, at the grand age of 101. She will be greatly missed by so many, not least her daughters Pat and Pauline. Her private, family funeral will be at 2.30pm on Wednesday 17th February at Wessex Vale Crematorium and then there will be a Service of Thanksgiving for her life at 2pm on Friday 26th February, in St Barnabas Church, Swanmore.

We send our condolences to Pauline and Pat and family.


Kath Reed

Written by David Norster

Kath was a founder member of SADS along with her husband Bob and she continued to come along and support our shows only missing some of the latter productions because it was getting too difficult. She was always full of enthusiasm and always told us that the show she had just seen was  ‘the best we had ever done’.

I have known Kath all my life and I remember her being an ever present face at the Mothers Union, Womens Institute and Twilight Club.  Always she was there with the likes of Mrs Stubbington, Mrs Gadsby, Mrs Dearling and my granny and I cannot begin to guess how many times I’ve sung Jerusalem alongside Kath as a kid, not to forget the iced buns that she gave me!!

It was tradition for the drama group to go carol singing and we always ended our efforts at Kath’s house. We would gather outside her front door and give it our best efforts for a couple of carols, then we would be let in. We would sing another and then Kath would say ‘you play the piano, David’ and off we would go singing with lots of gusto and not much class!  We would always finish with Frosty The Snowman, Jingle Bells, Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer and finally Walking In a Winter Wonderland, which for some reason that I cannot recall, always made us laugh. Kath always commented that her Christmas hadn’t ever started until we came carol singing. Given the quality of our singing I always thought that was very kind of her.

Even after she moved into Bishops Waltham House we were invited to go and sing to Kath and her friends and all of us who went are so grateful that we made the effort. Kath still had that same smile on her face and was as bright as a button, the same smile she always had.

Bless you Kath we will all miss you but we have loads of fond memories!