Lynda Parker

A Tribute to Lynda Parker    23.07.53 – 30.10.16

Lynda joined SADS for the 2004 pantomime ‘Snow White’; perhaps it is fitting we are putting on a variation of Snow White as this year’s pantomime. Lynda brought with her so many talents which greatly benefitted SADS. She had a lovely humorous streak too. She became a Parish Councillor, bravely enduring their meetings. As councillor and SADS member she would stand up for justice and fight for what she considered was the greater good.

Not only did Lynda perform magnificently on stage but she also wrote at least one pantomime with her friend Caroline (‘Aladdin’ which we staged in December 2008). At one of our summer shows I particularly remember her spectacular rendition of a music hall song ‘Burlington Bertie from Bow’. There were many other appearances too numerous to mention. However, when in 2014 SADS put on a tribute to those brave servicemen of WW1 (‘Lest We Forget’) she shone when reading a poem by Laurence Binyon called ‘For the Fallen’.

With Lynda’s help over the years SADS has won numerous nominations and awards from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA), and Curtain Call awards from the Evening Echo.

Lynda became a dear personal friend to several of our ladies at SADS. All of our members miss her a great deal; she brought so much to our group and to all our lives. Lynda was a wonderful teacher and taught us acting skills and stagecraft with such patience and understanding.
She always shone on stage and will remain in our thoughts forever.

Martin Letts

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